XCORE® may turn 50, but it’s Fit and Fabulous as never before!

It is definitely here to stay, keeps improving itself and by doing so always attracts and keeps enthusiastic instructors as well as active members. In some fitness clubs XCORE® has been scheduled for more than 12 years! You can imagine that we’re very proud of that! And we would like to take the opportunity to say how grateful we are for the trust placed in us by our certified clubs and instructors!

It’s a celebration

To celebrate our 50th release together with our XCORE® family, we will throw a GOLDEN party at Panama, Amsterdam on 13 April 2017, where we will record the XCORE® #50 dvd release together with the 50 instructors we have invited. It’s going to be a super party, one big Golden Sparkle!

No big deal if you are one of the instructors who’s unable to attend, because our next training quarterly will also be a Golden one at which everybody will receive a Golden Package they can use to decorate the club for the launch of XCORE® #50!
No, it certainly won’t pass unnoticed, everybody will know about it!

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