During her training at Codarts, Wendy was introduced to the world of group fitness and expanded her interest in these classes. After graduating, she turned to research to develop her knowledge of this branch. It was bigger than she thought, but it worked out well, because she’s not shy and has a strong drive to keep going and never give up. “Get the best version of yourself!” has always been her motto.

Soon after the creation of XCO®, she became an instructor. From day one she knew it would be her favorite group fitness program. ‘XCORE® is explosive, technical, super fun and the way the training goes along with the music is as brilliant as indispensable!’ Now that she is part of the master trainers team, she is delighted to transfer the knowledge and skills to future XCORE® instructors.

In addition to XCORE® and other programs, she gives yoga and derivative training such as BROGA®. And in her spare time? “Well, that’s not very much, but I’d love to put on my running shoes and take a speedy woodland adventure, because I’m always on the move!” .


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