After his education at the Academy of Physical Education, Rick started teaching in a high school in Venlo. After having worked as a sports teacher for several years, he became a gym instructor. Here, he developed and profiled himself as a personal trainer, weight consultant, lifestyle consultant and an all-round group instructor. By the end of 2016, Rick decided to throw in a new challenge for himself by moving to Amsterdam and becoming both a freelancer and a zzp’er. His plan proved to be a success and to this day he still lives and works in the city. Additionally, Rick works as a manager at FeelGoodClub Active Plus in New Vennep. Over the last 5 years, Rick has overcome many obstacles and gained some important personal victories, both on a physical and mental level. Because of a 360º change in his lifestyle, he now wants to help and support people who want to achieve their personal goals. “Everything is possible as long as you put your mind, work and time in it!”. Rick, like many others before him, was infected with the XCORE® virus in 2015! It has become one of his favorite group lessons to teach. At the beginning of 2016 he was asked by House of Workouts during a quarterly release if he was interested in following the mastering trainer… being the ambitious lad he is, he accepted and became very successful!successfully! From June 2017 onwards, he will officially be able to call himself a master trainer.

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