Ingrid Jonkers is our Brabant power girl. She has lived in Roosendaal and has been doing sports since she was very young. Gymnastics, jazz ballet, aerobics and ballroom dancing were her main sports until she discovered fitness on her sweet 16th. She liked it so much that she eventually made a career out of it.

After a year of studying physiotherapy, she missed the practice and chose to go to the CIOS. Eventually she became a fitness manager at her internship company. Ingrid joined the XCORE® team in 2013, the same year in which she was given the opportunity to start her own sports club. To this day, she specializes in NASM (personal trainer training) because her sports club is not your average sports club; its special! It includes personal training, group lessons, small group training and more recently, Bodytec training. So you can rest assured that Ingrid is a true sports fan!

Recently, she became a part of the LXR® training team. The evidence of the superness of this workout is written on her body! “Strength, fitness and mobility, it all comes true and that should really apply everyone in training that wants to become even more fit’’ according to Ingrid.

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