Floor began teaching relatively late. However, she should have started at least 10 years ago, because it is shown to be her true passion. Over the years she has taught a variety of different programs, because choosing between all that fun for her is so difficult.

Since 2008, Floor has been an independent personal trainer and group instructor and even combines all that with an office job. In the office she is the advisor for colleagues who want advice on a healthier lifestyle. “Colleagues spontaneously decide to take the stairs whenever they see me!” she says, smiling. Floor has been a part of XCORE® ever since release 5 and has been running for a while. Still, XCORE® is one of her favorites because it is so functional; it makes you fitter and stronger in just one workout!

As a trainer, she always seeks to get the best out of you, focusing on a good technique and 100% commitment. “It can sometimes happen a bit, but actually it’s a gift. Because without the best technique and maximum effort you can not get the results you would like to achieve.”

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