How to become XCORE® licensee?


This license provides your club with a brand new XCORE® by XCO release every three months. The pre-choreographed routines are effective, easy to follow and mesh perfectly with the energetic music of the workout. For a license fee of €95,- per month your club will receive the Club Choreo every three months. The license contract will be signed for the minimal duration of one year, after which the license can be terminated respecting the period of notice of three months.

Basic training

To teach the XCORE® training, the candidate instructors need to attend the 2-day basic training for €199,- The instructor needs to have mastered the basic skills needed for teaching aerobic classes before participating in the basic training, such as counting the music, cueing, working with choreography, coaching participants etc.

Additional costs

The certified instructors are updated during the quarterly workshops for € 29.95 per instructor. They participate in the new masterclass, are updated on their technique and receive their Instructor Choreo. To ensure the quality of the programme the instructors are required to attend at least three quarterly workshops every year. If more than one quarterly workshop is missed, the instructor will be invited to attend the free recertification.


The XCO-Trainer® is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Of course we will be happy to advise you in the optimal arrangement for your club.

Marketing materials

Your club will receive a complete marketing package for launching the XCORE® license program (worth € 75), consisting of:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Press materials (including logo)
  • Banner 80x200cm
  • Being mentioned on the clublocator & in national campaigns

For more information or a personal quote, don’t hesitate to contact us

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