Warning: Addictive!

Once you start with XCORE®, you run the risk of getting addicted to the dynamic and intense and powerful moves on the latest music hits. You’ll leave the class feeling strong, motivated and you’ll want more!



XCORE® may turn 50, but it’s Fit and Fabulous as never before! It is definitely here to stay, keeps improving itself and by doing so always attracts and keeps enthusiastic instructors as well as active members. In some fitness clubs XCORE® has been scheduled for more than 12 years! You can imagine that we’re very […]


Order your XCORE®
outfit and gear

To get the most out of your workout, good and comfortable clothing is a prerequisite. Your XCORE® outfit must be breathable and regulating your temperature so that you can stay focused on one thing only: XCORE®! So be well prepared and order your clothing and gear here.


“A fun and effective way to work my body”

Saskia Vieveen

I never managed to motivate myself to train my core, because the exercises felt uncomfortable and boring. The XCORE® Workout however, makes training fun, effective and gives me those lean abs I was looking for.

I’m bursting with energy”

Ritcho Paternella

Strong core muscles improve your technique in other sports: participating in XCORE® Workouts strengthened my core which in turn improved my cycling technique!

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